Steven Button

Position title: Community Paramedic

Steven Button in front of grey screen wearing long-sleeved blue fire uniform with black tie.

Steven is a Community Paramedic for the City of Madison Fire Department Community Alternative Response Emergency Services (CARES). He has 13+ years of emergency medical service experience and holds a professional Community Paramedic – Certified (CP-C) accreditation. Steven has worked as a Paramedic in 911 response, critical care ground transport, family medicine, disaster response, and mass vaccination clinics. In addition to CARES, Steven has worked with the MFD Community Paramedic division to provide services to those in the community with chronic health conditions. Steven holds a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Presentation Title: Madison CARES- Crisis Response Team

Presentation Description: Madison’s Community Alternative Response Emergency Services (CARES) Team is a 9-1-1 resource that responds to non-violent behavioral health emergencies. The Team consists of a crisis worker from Journey Mental Health and a paramedic from the Madison Fire Dept. The CARES Team has been in-service for over a year and will present on the successes and challenges faced in mobile crisis response as well as presenting data and program evaluation metrics.