David Carlson

Position title: Founder/co-owner of C.C. WE ADAPT

David Carlson holding a microphone, speaking outside, wearring a black t-shirt

My name is David Carlson.  I am the founder/co-owner of C.C. WE ADAPT, a peer-support & mentorship business. We serve over 200 participants, youth and adults, in the western region of Wisconsin. I am the co-founder/co-owner of Next Generation Properties, LLC, a property business that collaborates with C.C. WE ADAPT. We currently have properties in Chippewa County, Eau Claire County, and Clark County. We also have agreements with local landlords and lease properties for participants working with the C.C. WE ADAPT organization. In pursuit of becoming more effective in creating and innovating how services can be administered under government contracts, I am currently pursuing my Juris Doctor from Mitchell Hamline School of Law, where I am in my second year. I am the proud father of two boys, and have an amazing partner who supports and pushes me to continue on a journey that I never would have believed would become my life.