Damaris Drohin de Arrieta

Headshot of Damaris Drohin de Arrieta

Damaris Drohin de Arrieta is the Bilingual School Social Worker for the Office of Youth Re-Engagement at the Madison Metropolitan School District. Damaris is a resource to school and systems basic needs equity work, recognizing social inequities affecting student access to education and relationships in school. She currently provides specialized social-emotional support to Opportunity Youth using Dr. Robert Enright’s model of Forgiveness, supporting crisis prevention at the school level. After leaving Puerto Rico, Damaris has been serving Madison, Wisconsin, since 1983. She is an alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science and Law, a Certificate in Criminal Justice, a Master’s in Social Work with an emphasis in Title IV-E Child Welfare, and a Certificate in Grief Counseling.