Dr. Cheryl Funmaker

Position title: Educational Disabilities Director

Professionally, Dr. Cheryl Funmaker has had the pleasure to serve in the field of American Indian education for well over 30 years. She has also had the privilege to work for one of her tribes, the Ho-Chunk Nation, during this time. Throughout these years she found herself concerned with persistent and evolving equity issues that continue to impact tribal communities. Currently, Dr. Funmaker works to leverage cultural responsivity and decolonize ability frameworks, while reasserting cultural conceptions and teachings as families navigate education systems. Currently, Dr. Funmaker continues to serve her tribe as the Educational Disabilities Director. Personally, Cheryl is blessed to reside with her family and relatives in Wisconsin Dells, amongst her Ho-Chunk people, just as many generations of her ancestors have done before.

Presentation Title: Understanding Disability Justice Through the Family Lens

Presentation Description: Disability support is one of the areas of health equity that is often compromised