Charlotte Duerr James

Pronouns: she/her

Headshot of Charlotte with her chin resting on her crossed hands.

Charlotte Duerr James is an Educator and Medicine Woman of Afro-Caribbean and Germanic lineage. She works to create a world in which everyone is able to live in fearless pursuit of their radical transformation. She uses her skills as an educator, therapeutic coach, and ceremonial facilitator to build and engage a community focused on pursuing collective liberation. In 2021, Charlotte founded the Psychedelic Liberation Training, the first decolonization focused training for psychedelic therapists and practitioners. Charlotte has been exploring her own mind and spirit with the support of psychedelics and Sacred Earth Medicines for over 15 years. She has completed a traditional apprenticeship with Kambo, and has supported hundreds of community members in ceremony. She is a lifelong student of the Earth, and is actively continuing her facilitator training through a 3-year certificate program in Transpersonal Psychology, Psychedelic Medicine, and Indigenous Wisdom with the Awe Foundation where she also serves as a program mentor. She has sat in ceremony with elders and medicine keepers of varying traditions and is committed to her ongoing unlearning and relearning process.