Abbey Maria Dall Lukowski

Credentials: IBCLC, MAED

Headshot of Maria Dall

Cultivating and inspiring governmental administration leadership for 15+ years. Advocating and ensuring esteemed fiduciary responsibility, progressive communication, technical education and training, and optimistic consultation through the fostering of community by implementation of effective, confident leadership. As a technical assistant and public servant of competent fiscal management and policy with the foundation of evident and outcome based educational standards and solutions at the forefront. Solicits positive business, governmental and educational public relationships and environments for the purpose of engaging innovative solutions to bridge gaps of service. Promotes sustainable organizational growth, regular review of return on investment-both financial and intelligence, navigation of opportunity, and deliverance of exceptional performance. A consulting leadership history is testimony to the construction of a trusted social and public servant with a strength-based, project management framework who clearly communicates strategic vision with stakeholders. Mindful of specific organizational classified business intelligence, she regularly seeks transparency and acceptance of motivational change management. Abbey advocates for evidenced-based performance, while being an ambassador for creative, critical thinking. Abbey is identified as a leader of transparency and liaison for progress; prioritizing strengthened development and enhancement of public law. She is recognized for her accomplished chronicle of establishing supportive learning environments, community service, and embracement of diversity, change and humanity, and global relationships.