Mari Magler

Position title: Director of McBurney Disability Resource Center

Mari in a red shirt, grey cardigan, and gold necklace in front of a tan wall

Mari Magler, J.D., is the director of the McBurney Disability Resource Center at UW–Madison. She has worked in the field of disability and disability advocacy since 1994 and in higher education since 2005. Magler is passionate about disability justice, access and inclusion. She earned her Juris Doctor from Hamline University School of Law, and her bachelor’s in linguistics from Metropolitan State University. She co-authored “The Mentor’s Companion: A Practical Guide to Mentoring” and “A Plan for Mentorship of Educational Interpreters in Minnesota.”

Presentation Title: An Introduction to Disability Justice

Presentation Description: In this session, participants will learn about some of the roots of the disability justice movement and discover key moments in disability justice activism. We will delve into the 10 Principles of Disability Justice as defined by Patty Berne and other disability activists. Presenters will also share personal experiences to build on our understanding of the 10 Principles. We will identify common language that may be ableist, as well as microaggressions used toward disabled individuals. Throughout out the session we will discuss ways to disrupt ableism to affect change.