Megan Malone

Position title: Learning Specialist, Chrysalis Inc. Board of Directors

Megan is currently a Learning Specialist at the School of Medicine and Public Health and in her final year of the Part-time MSW program with an emphasis on BIPOC mental health. Megan’s academic and professional career is vast and diverse with a background in international conflict and dispute resolution and education focused on equitable academics in Division I athletics. Megan is servicing her 1st of a 3-year term on the board of directors at Chrysalis, Inc.

Presentation Title: Evolving within Systems of Oppressions: A Case Study, Chrysalis, Inc.

Presentation Description: Chrysalis, Inc is a nonprofit in Dane County that promotes mental health and substance use recovery in the community by supporting work opportunities that encourage hope, healing, and wellness. Chrysalis strives for a community that is free from stigma, rooted in racial and social justice. This presentation is a conversation between Dani Rischall, director of Chrysalis, inc and Megan Malone, a member of the board of directors, speaking to dismantling systems of oppression, social justice, and holding our community accountable in a capitalistic society.