Lisa Martin

Position title: CPS Initial Assessment Supervisor

Lisa Martin in front of grey wall wearing white long-sleeve shirt

Lisa Martin, MSS, is a CPS Initial Assessment Supervisor for Dane County Dept. of Human Services. She has worked in the field of Child Protection for 35 years, 5 years in Oklahoma and 30 plus years in Dane County, WI. Lisa has been a CPS supervisor in Initial Assessment for 21 years. Lisa has been training for the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System training the professional development of social workers throughout the State of Wisconsin for 22 years. She has trained or is training in the areas of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse Interviewing, Interviewing in Child Welfare, Initial Assessment, Access and Ethics and Boundaries. Lisa was an Initial assessment Peer reviewer for the WI Dept. of Children and Families Continuous Quality review program during the Initial Assessment review period that occurred 2019 through 2022 completing over 90 reviews of Initial Assessments completed throughout the state.

Presentation Title: DCDHS MRT: Shifting the Mindset on Mandated Reporting

Presentation Description: Mandatory reporting is not neutral. While a legal requirement for some professions, it is often unclear to the reporters when to report. Please join us in learning the legal statutes around mandated reporting, the consequences of unnecessary reports to CPS and how to become a mandated supporter in our community.