Rwenshaun Miller

Rwenshaun Miller understands that there’s more to a person than their mental health diagnosis.

Mental health affects all ages, races, and genders. It does not discriminate. As a young black educator living with Bipolar Disorder, Mr. Miller knows that his struggle will be more difficult than others. He’s here to tell you that you don’t have to struggle alone.

As an accomplished author, speaker, counselor, and consultant, he has dedicated his life to not only reshaping the negative connotations associated with mental health, but also directly impacting the lives of those living with mental health challenges. His life’s work is to uplift, empower, encourage, and teach others who live with mental health challenges how to “thrive” in their lives.

Mr. Miller uses his experience to create safe spaces for open and honest dialogue about mental health. Through his nonprofit, Eustress, Inc., he assists youth in under-served communities to identify and overcome mental health challenges to achieve healthier, productive lifestyles.

He is passionate about bringing mental health awareness to the forefront of the black community, so he obtained his Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to change the availability of black male therapists. Mr. Miller is a practicing Mental Health Counselor in Charlotte, North Carolina at his private practice, The Good Stress Company.

Mr. Miller not only wants to empower those who struggle with mental health, but those who support this community as well. He created Be Who You Needed, a program that provides consultancy services and training to therapists and like-minded individuals to empower them to make the greatest impact in the mental health field.Mr.

Miller’s achievements in mental health wellness have been widely recognized. He has been featured on TEDx, The Weather Channel, Complex, Huffington Post, Power 105.1FM’s “The Breakfast Club,” Blavity, and The Good Men Project. He is also the recipient of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation award for Advancing Minority Mental Health, SXSW Community Service Award, and Omega Psi Phi’s Brother Paul Woods Bridge Builder Award.

Of all his accolades and roles, however, Mr. Miller proudly first serves as a Mental Health Change Agent. Mr. Miller’s inspirational work has globally impacted countless lives and under-served populations through his compassion, transparency, and awareness.