Sophia Sarantakos

Dr. Sarantakos headshot wearing a dark grey suit jacket and white shirt.

Dr. Sarantakos is an assistant professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, and a community organizer. Their research, writing, and organizing are focused on how the field of professionalized social-change work can be captured and shaped into a tool in service of an abolitionist horizon.

As part of their organizing work, Dr. Sarantakos co-created the Abolitionist Social Change Collective, a virtual space for people engaged in all forms of paid and unpaid social-change work to: (1) build a community that exchanges ideas and develops abolition-focused collaborations; (2) advance non-carceral approaches to harm, accountability, and well-being; and (3) work toward a more solidarity-focused form of social-change work. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Sarantakos was a social work practitioner for 10 years.