Felica Turner-Walton

Position title: CEO of Healing Our Hearts Foundation

Felicia in front of a white wall wearing a shite shirt and turquoise jacket

Felica Turner-Walton is the Founding CEO of Healing Our Hearts Foundation, wife and mother of 5. She is a Certified Grief Educator, Grief Support Specialist, Certified Peer Specialist and Certified Parent Peer Specialist, and End of Life Doula. She is also a member of the Black Materal Child Health Alliance (BMCHA), PostPartum Support International (PSI) and Mom Conrgress. Felica enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

Presentation Title: Understanding Disability through the Black lens

Presentation Description: Disabilty support is often one of the areas that health equity is compromised. Listen learn and ask questions on how to understand from the lens of Black Family who live with disability related issues and how often one could feel disconnected.