Jeremy "JP" Vincent

Pronouns: he/they

Jeremy wearing a yellow cap, glasses, looking up toward the right corner of the photo.

Jeremy “JP” Vincent is Baby Nova’s daddy, in love Advocate & Organizer for Subversive Social Work & Black Platteville Community Network, a Joy-Pository-Mentor, Owner & Founder of My Black Carrot Mentoring Hub, social work practitioner & provider for CCS Dane County at Orchestra X, lecturer on SJ topics when called to task, PhD Student Pause Out, Outdoor Nurturer, Critical Contextualizer, and life’s Mwanafunzi. He has a BS in Health and Wellness, an MSE in Adult Education (Multidisciplinary Human Services, Counseling Psychology, & Education), and a Social Worker Certification. He has over nine years of experience in educational and supportive services, serving diverse communities across various settings. JP has aspiration to continue doctoral journey in program of called alignment someday. His business serves as a hub to extend support while also exploring his research interests in Reconceptualizing Mentoring in Theory & Praxis, Torpor Framework for Extending Supports & Self Preservation, Emergent Leadership, School & Community Activism, Social Identity, Community Social Change, & Outdoor Enrichment. My Black Carrot Mentoring Hub for social change providing Cultural Education, Mentoring Empowerment, Social Activation-Transformation Coaching, & Outdoor Nurture (CMEST). “This is achieved through offering bi-relational Educational, Advisory, and Supportive Services. Their goal is to empower individuals, institutions, and cultures to achieve a full self-determination and ever expanding joyful existence. They use innovative, grounded, and experiential methods to work collaboratively with the community towards achieving both individual goals and collective ecological promises.” He is a certified Peacemaking Circle Keeper, an Emotional Intelligence Diversity Institute Facilitator, a Stop The Hate Campus Pride Trainer, an Intercultural Development Inventory Advocate, World Class Professional & Career Skills with Anderson Productions, and an Outdoor Afro Leader. JP is passionate about challenging oppressive norms and encouraging people to show up authentically. He is guided by his ancestors, elders, youth, and lived experience. He breathes life into micro-macro social work practices, joyous mentoring, emergent leadership, college education of social justice topics, community organizing and advocacy, outdoor activities, and personal studies. He is committed to transformation, justice, reimagined human services, and liberation, especially among/within the margins. He describes himself as a humble critical servant who does not neglect his own needs and advocate who loves to curate joy and flow like a river, be free like a bird, and ensure well resource sharing.