Cassandra Walker

Position title: Social Worker, Therapist, Activist

Cassandra wearing a red dress, smiling, with their multi colored hair covering half their face.

Cassandra (Cassie) Walker, LCSW, CCTP is a Black Queer Social Worker, Trauma Therapist, Writer, Gamer, and Activist. They are the owner of their practice, Intersections Center for Complex Healing, PLLC, a clinical program manager for Take This, and a member of the clinical oversight committee for Hope for The Day. They are a liberatory and decolonial healer and are a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified NARM Therapist, and Certified in Hypnotherapy and NLP. Cassie presents on a diverse array of intersectional topics related to race, gender, sexuality, relationships, gaming, mental wellness, trauma, workplace culture, and social justice. Cassie provides therapy to adults, relationships, and groups.

Presentation Title:Combating the Gatekeeping of Social Work : A #StopASWB Panel

Presentation Description: In Aug 2022, the social work profession got confirmation that concerns about the ASWB licensure tests were true and the test at all levels showed heavy racial, language and age biases and other data was still not released. This panel will discuss the current issues with how social workers are evaluated, the actions and discussions being had, and what it means for our profession to continue to be ruled by racist, ableist, and generally oppressive gatekeeping praxis.