Charla Cannon Yearwood

Credentials: LCSW

Charla Cannon Yearwood sitting outisde on a door stoop, wearing a flower print dress.

Charla Cannon Yearwood (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker deeply dedicated to anti-racist and liberatory approaches in mental health care. She co-founded the Social Work Coalition for Anti-Racist Educators (SWCAREs), a pioneering organization addressing racial bias in social work education and practice. Charla and her colleagues curated a special issue of Advances in Social Work, focusing on dismantling white supremacy in social work education. Her expertise led to an advisory role for the Council on Social Work Education, influencing anti-racist competencies in accredited social work programs nationwide.

Today, Charla is the Founder & CEO of Connected in Community, an Indianapolis-based mental health and wellness practice prioritizing Black, Queer, and social justice-oriented individuals. She also facilitates Racial Justice and Liberatory Practice continuing education at esteemed institutions like the University of Houston and Columbia University. Beyond her professional commitments, Charla, her husband, and their two children, along with their beloved dog and cat, embrace Disney adventures and heartwarming sing-alongs.