2022 Conference Theme: Radical Hope in a Racialized Society

Radical Hope in a Racialized Society

January 28 and February 4, 2022
12-3:30pm both days

The 2022 conference theme is Radical Hope in a Racialized Society. During the conference, hope will be placed as a radical discipline at the core of social work and social justice practice. Sessions will support social workers as they move into anti-racist action with meaningful tangible practices rooted in the assets and strengths of BIPOC communities. Through this, we will take on the challenge of changing ourselves, our organizations, and this society.

Day one plenary with Rwenshaun Miller: Healing and Hope in a Racialized Society

Mental health change agent, Rwenshaun Miller (pictured above left), is a therapist, author, and social entrepreneur. As a licensed professional counselor, Rwenshaun services individuals spanning all ages, with a goal of helping each person understand and take accountability for their own mental wellness. Rwenshaun creates safe spaces for open and honest dialogue about mental illness. He uses his personal experience living with Bipolar Disorder and multiple suicide attempts to educate others and break the stigma associated with mental health challenges.

Day two plenary with Oceana Sawyer and Ali Muldrow: Keeping Radical Hope Alive

With deep understanding of the grief and brokenness of this racialized world, Oceana and Ali and will draw on their own work and experience to make the case for radical hope and transformative visions.

Image above: Rwenshaun Miller, Oceana Sawyer, and Ali Muldrow.